Friday, April 01, 2011

Where oh where has Dawn been?

Creating, of course!


Lengthening a Mommy Bling necklace I had made earlier for Treena...

I love it long!
(My friends/customers come up with the best ideas.)

Which inspired this bracelet...
(Which will be added to my website next week)

And this one...

In fact, I like this design so much that you will likely see it come up in a few more colours.

Some Mommy Bling for Lynn...

Some Angel necklaces for Avery School's Thomas' Treasure Boxes Project...
(Thanks to Marc & Shauna for involving me in such an amazing project).

I actually had most of these made before Christmas, but as most of you know,
I hit a wee blip in the road, so it took a little longer to get them all done.

Before the blip, we had planned a vacation.
It was wonderful - the Bahamas for one glorious week of relaxation...

A week on the beach and diving is a great cure for anything!

Which inspired this ring... a work in progress.

It still needs some polishing and detail work,
but I wanted to share my FIRST metal clay ring project!!

And that's where I've been.

Please give the new website a visit.

Like it? Hate it?

Suggestions to improve how it works for you?

Please leave a comment or email me at
sunshineindustries (at)


What are Nutrition Bracelets?!

I have a real need to watch what I'm eating right now.
Any of you have that same problem?

Plus, being at that certain age, my memory isn't the greatest.

So I came up with a tool that would help me to remember what to eat.
(And my tools always have to do with bling...)

Something useful that's pretty.

Jewelry that can help you with your health!

Now you can buy jewelry because you NEED it.

"Honey... it's for my health. You WANT me to be healthy, right?!"

I followed the Canada Food Guide & made a bracelet
with different bead colours for each food group.

turquoise dyed howlite = water
green dyed magnesite = fruits & veggies
shell = milk products
brown African opal = grains
faux sponge coral = meat products

Each coloured section of beads also has a moveable charm.

Eat an apple, move the green charm one over.

At 2 p.m. when you want a snack, look at your bracelet and decide what you can have.
It's convinced me to go for the apple way more often!

I showed my nutrition bracelet to my friend, Bridget.

She suggested I make some for those who count points on Weight Watchers.
Great idea, Bridget!

This one has 15 points and 8 water:

Now I know Bridget's secret to her thinness... she counts points.
She is going to try out the Points Bracelet and let me know if it needs any tweaking.
It can be made in any colours of stones or glass beads that you wish.

I've been wearing my Nutrition Bracelet for about a month now. It's pretty & easy to use.
I get a lot of compliments on it from people who have no idea of its use. : )

Nutrition Bracelet with glass beads:

One more style in more petite beads for a lighter bracelet:

Have any other great ideas for bracelets that would also be helpful to you?

Email me with any ideas you might have at sunshineindustries (at) .

What do you think of the Nutrition/Points Bracelets?
Leave a comment!


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