Friday, April 01, 2011

Where oh where has Dawn been?

Creating, of course!


Lengthening a Mommy Bling necklace I had made earlier for Treena...

I love it long!
(My friends/customers come up with the best ideas.)

Which inspired this bracelet...
(Which will be added to my website next week)

And this one...

In fact, I like this design so much that you will likely see it come up in a few more colours.

Some Mommy Bling for Lynn...

Some Angel necklaces for Avery School's Thomas' Treasure Boxes Project...
(Thanks to Marc & Shauna for involving me in such an amazing project).

I actually had most of these made before Christmas, but as most of you know,
I hit a wee blip in the road, so it took a little longer to get them all done.

Before the blip, we had planned a vacation.
It was wonderful - the Bahamas for one glorious week of relaxation...

A week on the beach and diving is a great cure for anything!

Which inspired this ring... a work in progress.

It still needs some polishing and detail work,
but I wanted to share my FIRST metal clay ring project!!

And that's where I've been.

Please give the new website a visit.

Like it? Hate it?

Suggestions to improve how it works for you?

Please leave a comment or email me at
sunshineindustries (at)


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