Sunday, May 09, 2010

Connecting the generations on Mother's Day

I've had the key to my Grandma Hone's suitcase hanging on my studio table for months. It hung on the light blue ribbon that she had it on originally, magically matching my studio and my spirit. It made me smile and gave me a warm feeling whenever I looked at it. I had 6 suitcases of my Grandma's, and had traded one for some of Ardell McLennan's fabulous photography. I kept the key because I couldn't bear to part with something that my Grandma had obviously touched often - it was too personal. You see, I lost my Grandma to cancer 25 years ago. I was her only grandchild. Something that belonged to her - that she had touched and that still bears the marks of her touch - is very dear.

I had always meant to make myself a necklace from that key, but I couldn't make myself take it off that blue ribbon. Then, while creating a mommy bling necklace for a client, a flash of brilliance came. I would make Mom a necklace that would connect all three of us together. It started with the key. I stamped it with "mom", which would mean both my Mom and Grandma. Then, I added our birthstones - a diamond for Grandma, a garnet for Mom and a ruby for me. How wonderful that they all look so good together. Lastly, I added a copper charm stamped with "louise". Grandma Hone's name was Louise. Mom's name is Louise. My middle name is Louise. Connection complete. I still couldn't take that blue ribbon off, so I trimmed it and tied it into a bow.

Mom was a bit teary-eyed when I talked to her on the phone about it today, as was I when I was making it. Jewelry with a story means so much more.

May the Bling be with You!

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