Sunday, January 24, 2010

January Housecleaning Sale - and MORE!

09-274 Let it Snow Necklace

I was reading an article on how to improve jewelry websites. The author encouraged artisans to clear off items that have sold, as prospective buyers are simply disappointed if they see something they like and they can't purchase it. This struck me as true. I had been leaving sold items on my site to add that "Oh! This jewelry is popular - I'd better buy some" affect. I also thought that some buyers may special order something similar. The author was right. The website looks so much cleaner with all items for sale... I think I will now do monthly housecleaning to keep it up. Let me know what you think of that.

Another new change - $2.00 shipping with additional items free. That's right - shipping has gone down. Thought you'd like that! I've found that most items cost less than $3 to send and I certainly don't appreciate paying out the nose for shipping when I buy beads. Why would you want to?

Now for the best news. In the spirit of housecleaning, all current stock is now 20% off until the end of January. (This does not include special order items such as Mommy/Baby Bling - sorry).

May the Bling be with You!
Dawn : )

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