Sunday, January 17, 2010


I watched the Golden Globes tonight along with a bizillion other people, most of whom were watching for a glimpse of the actors or actresses and to see whether their movies and TV shows were worthy of a Golden Globe award. I was watching for the fashions and the jewelry. Sad, I know. But I am what I am.

Trends I noticed:
*off the shoulder clothing
*bare necks
*huge stone earrings
*long chandelier or drop earrings
*cuff bracelets

Some actresses, such as Kate Winslet, had stunning smaller drop earrings that accented her form-fitting black & white gown. She was the exception. Drew Barrymore wore HUGE diamond studs that I noticed despite the odd textural element on her shoulder. Julian Moore wore emerald teardrop earrings the size of Montana and Courtney Cox wore HONKIN' smokey topaz teardrops. Kate Hudson wore stoneless silver-coloured (white gold?) tassle drop earrings. Meryl Streep wore a gold version of the stoneless tassle drop earrings. Talk about classic!

There were very few necklaces in the room, but the exceptions were mostly small and modest. Notable exceptions were Sophia Loren's diamond choker and Julia Robert's large Bohemian inspired necklace. Sophia's was beyond classy. Julia's... well, it was kind of the "elephant in the room". She seemed sadly underdressed in comparison to the rest of the room.

There were many cuff bracelets or multiple bracelets to accent the wrist to make up for the naked necks. There were also some notable large rings where there were no bracelets. The odd woman opted for hair jewelry or a broach on their hip instead of bracelets or rings.

Now we all won't be wearing the same kind of bling that the crowd at the Golden Globes adorned themselves with, but the message I take away from them is that earrings will be large and dangly. Necklaces will be small or non-existent this season. Bracelets and large rings will be important.

Oh, and since Avatar won the best picture, look for tribal-inspired jewelry as well.

May the Bling be With You!

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