Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunshine INdustries Bling is now available at Socko!

It's official! You can now purchase your S.IN. bling in downtown Lloyd at Socko - a new & trendy store owned and run by Chelsea and Holly - two gals with serious eyes for fashion. This is not a store for those who love popular brand names. Well... at least not brand names that most people in Lloyd would be familiar with. This is a store full of unique quality fashions - for those who like to look different than the masses. They carry mostly Canadian designers. One of their lines is by a designer from Saskatoon who only makes one or two of each piece. How cool is that?! You can find everything from a formal dress to exercise wear in Socko. And you can also find some seriously cute shoes and boots. For the most part, this store focuses on the young, although I found quite a few things I would like. My only complaint is that I couldn't find much in my size range, but Chelsea promises me that larger sizes are something they'll be looking for on their next buying trip.

Mine is not the only jewelry you'll find there. Their aim is variety. They have bling in every price point. You'll find large statement necklaces made from cotton t-shirt material, cute resin pieces, trendy base metal pieces and sterling/gemstone jewelry. They carry jewelry lines from several designers/artisans, including Chelsea's own designs. I feel like I'm in great company at this store.

The feel of the store is retro/modern. Many of their decor items are antique, yet the girls added modern touches such as a great black chandelier. If I were to have a store, it would look like this.

Brave the roads and check this place out. Until then, have a look at their facebook page. (Their official webpage - - is currently in production).

May the Bling be With You,

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