Thursday, July 22, 2010

So... you've got your Mom's pearls...

Beautiful & classic? Or outdated?

This dilemma began for me when my friend gave me the honor of creating her bridal jewelry. She wanted to wear her mother's pearls.

she also wanted a more modern look
that matched her stunning dress. How to do both?

I thought of creating a tangle of chain around the pearls that later could be removed - a great modern trend! Good idea in theory, but the chains tangled with each other and would have likely caught on her long hair, which she planned to wear down. I didn't want her to have any distractions or hassles on her Big Day. So... back to the drawing board.

I began by replacing the worn clasp on her pearls & lengthening them with some antiqued sterling chain. The new clasp is an antique-looking box clasp, honoring the heirloom quality of the pearls. My friend is tall, so the traditional pearl length was much too short for her.

Next, I designed a necklace that would go with her dress on its own, using antiqued sterling chain, peacock pearls, brown Swarovski glass pearls & Swarovski crystals that matched the crystals on her dress.

Then inspiration struck! I put the two together. Magic!

The chain necklace is removable so that the pearls retain their integrity as an heirloom and she will have a modern necklace to wear as a bonus. Whenever she wears either, they will remind her of her wedding day...

Thanks to Heather for trusting me with her mother's pearls...

Now you have an idea how your mother's pearls can be beautifully classic AND modern!

May The Bling Be With You...

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