Sunday, December 06, 2009

Saturday December 12th - Family Christmas Fantasy

Next Saturday, December 12th, the Barr Colony Heritage Cultural Centre is hosting the Family Christmas Fantasy. See the BCHCC site for all of the events involved:

Sunshine INdustries will be there with the Mid West Canadian Artist group. There will be special sale pricing... come out and save on your favorite S.IN. jewelry pieces!

May the Bling be with You...

Like handcrafted gifts for Christmas? Support an Independent Artisan!

Handmade gifts. They are the best... remember wool sock monkeys? My aunt used to make the most excellent sock monkeys. It is one of my best memories. I recently bought some wool mitts that look similar to sock monkeys and have been driving my husband crazy talking with them... Those mitts were handmade.

I love handcrafted things. They have all of the love & time invested from the creator imbedded into them. They often have a story behind them as well - a history. All of the parts come from each of their own places and come together to create the whole. I like to think of the journey each piece took. I like anything with a story or history...

Thanks to those who braved the storm to come to the Marshall Craft Sale. It was a success despite the snow and wind! I met some great people! As vendors, we made the best of the show by buying from each other... I stocked up on baking and some beautiful handcrafted Christmas gifts.

Speaking of stock, there is still time for you to invest in some handcrafted jewelry... here are the newest items I've added to the stock on the website..

Above - Green Prehite Earrings - These prehite pentagon stones are gorgeous!

Pink Candy Earrings - Dyed pink candy jade earrings - they are bright and yet dainty at the same time...

Daisies in Bloom Earrings - Yellow jade rounds on pretty Bali sterling ear wires.

Pumpkin Spice Earrings - cola quartz and orange adventurine rondelles on sterling ear wires.

Tropical Rainforest Bracelet - brown and green mixed turquoise and sterling bracelet.

Dream Necklace - a lovely square jasper stone paired with a fine silver handcrafted tag on an 18" long sterling chain. I thought this piece of jasper looked like that few moments when day turns to night or when you are almost asleep and dreaming yet aware of your surroundings...

Iced Blooms II Bracelet - Iced blue chalcedony stones with sterling spacer beads, a sterling extender chain with a sterling lobster clasp. The blue chalcedony stones range from a lovely iced blue sky colour to almost white.

Candy Oh! Earrings - These earrings are for those who like attention. Huge sterling ovals with dark pink candy jade baubles and large handcrafted ear wires make these pretty groovy...

Candy Oh! Bracelet - goes with the Candy Oh! Earrings... So cool looking.

There is more - check out the two new watches as well. Tick tock... Gift giving time is coming...

May the Bling Be with You!

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