Sunday, February 07, 2010

What is Steampunk?!

Steampunk seems to have hit the internet everywhere. What is it? Read this article from the New York Times - - or simply google "steampunk jewelry" to get an idea. For some, it's a lifestyle. For most, it is just another cool style for accessories. It is a fusion between futuristic and Victorian or technology and romance. Hard to imagine, right? Think of a piece of technology that you own, such as your computer. Now imagine it encased in antique brass with old typewriter buttons where the keys were and some filigree on the edges. This would be a Steampunk computer.

Steampunk artists create items, clothes or jewelry that combine the beauty of the 1800's with futuristic machines. There are a lot of versions of Steampunk out there. Some of the jewelry you see also incorporates more Gothic items such as bats or skulls. Most include aged brass, filigree and watch or machine parts along with crystals or stones. Keys, antique locks, togs, springs and dials are all great additions for anything Steampunk. I've been a bit fascinated with this combination, which should be of no surprise given my obsession... er... love for antiques. I also like the idea of recycle/reuse - especially with pieces that may carry a story. So... when my scrapbooking guru/soon-to-be-sister-in-law received a box of old watches and clocks from our mother in law, we spent a few hours taking the watches and clocks apart and deciding what parts would be best for scrapbooking and what parts would be best for jewelry. From that large, dusty box, we each went happily away with a sandwich-sized zip-lock bag of parts. (Thanks Mom Floen!) Stay tuned for how we use them...

May the Steampunk Bling be With You...

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