Thursday, April 21, 2016

It's been sooooo long....

Poor neglected blog.
No posts since 2012...

...when I was creating mostly stamped metal clay pieces. 

Fast forward to 2016. 
I have a dream studio  
where I can work late into the night.
I'm a nighthawk.

It's full of antiques that make me happy. 
And tools.
Lots of tools.

I have health limits. I can make jewelry at my own pace.

Handsome hubby has retired.

We like to travel. #PablothePom

I can make jewelry while camping.

Now there's time for me to grow as an artist.
I have a website,

I'm developing seasonal lines.

I sell at retail locations.
I founded a local jewelry guild.

My jewelry has won awards. 

I've been published.
(Ok... it was just a wee bench tip. But I'll take it!)
I do two local summer shows in Betsy the vintage boler...

I feel a lot of...

I'm overwhelmed.  
Mostly it's that I do everything myself. 
I don't trust others with my vision nor can I afford help.
I source out all my materials, deal with inventory, do my social media posts, manage my webpage & email, meet customers and do accounting. 
Oh... and I create! 
(...if there's any energy left. Lately, there isn't.)

Sometimes, it's just easier to procrastinate in the face of all the work.
Big Picture Dream. 
Rebrand to "dlf jewelry". 
dawn lawrence floen
"dlf" is my signature. 

*Ecommerce on my website

*help with social media

*develop cohesive lines & a recognizable style. 

*production help. 

*photography help.

*an office manager to manage inventory and accounting tasks. 


I need to win the lottery to make this happen. 

Or win a scholarship to Multiply Your Profits from Flourish & Thrive

Wouldn't that be winning the lottery?

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