Saturday, October 03, 2009

Newest Bling

Many of you have probably been wondering, where are all the new pieces, Dawn?! Well, here is what I've been up to lately.

First of all, the watch pictured here. It was a special order and was very difficult for me to give up. I love the colours!! The stones are chrysocolla and opal.

This is a personalized Mommy Bling Necklace I've been working on. You can order these on the website. The pendant is handcrafted with silver clay (99% silver as opposed to sterling, which is 92.5%. Fine silver doesn't tarnish near as much as sterling will). The birthstone dangles are both amethyst.

Next, another Mommy Bling necklace. This is only part of it. It presented a particular challenge as I don't have Japanese stamps. I'm drawing in the Japanese letters for their names. Yes, Treena, I'm working on it! Tomorrow is Takeo day in the studio. I don't want to ruin the surprise, but I think this necklace is going to be a different shape than most... stay tuned.

This photo of the Toshi pendant was initially made using the template behind it. That's how much silver clay shrinks when it's torched. Sanding it to make it smooth also shrinks it some.

THESE beauties are actually for sale! #09-162 - Amethyst Kiss Earrings. The ear wires are Bali silver in a gunmetal finish. The rings are pounded fine silver. The stones are all amethysts in different shades. Grey and purple are HUGE this fall...

This is the latest Baby Bling Bracelet. These may be special ordered via the website or email. I need the baby's name and birthdate. These are meant for the baby's memory book or perhaps to frame with their photo.

More to come next week...

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