Saturday, September 04, 2010

Sale extended until September 10th... Don't miss out!

Which watch will you choose?

So many choices... so little time...
Sale ends September 10th!

Happiness creates sunshine wherever you go.
Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Back to School BLING SALE!

There's something for everyone - all at 20% off until midnight, Sept. 5th on all but personalized jewelry. Even the sale items have an extra 20% off! Don't miss out - go to and get your favorite piece today!

Pink is one of the "it" colours this year, especially when paired with charcoal or black.

Turquoise remains a strong colour in fashion, especially when paired with copper. This looks great with your brown or khaki neutrals.

Patterns in black and white are all over the runways.

Smokin' bright colours (aka the 80's flourescents) are making a comeback.

Wouldn't these look great with a charcoal wool dress, tights and tall black boots?

These are a good alternative to those who like quality jewelry in more petite sizes. Pink sapphires have long been a favorite of celebrities.

Dark colours such as plum (like these beauties) and green are popular on the runways. They are also popular for nail colours this season along with black.

This bracelet goes well with the turquoise and copper earrings above. The chain link is a bit larger on this bracelet - arm jewelry is meant to be bold this fall.

Speaking of bold, reds are THE "it" colour this fall. Think red lipstick, dresses and shoes - a la Mad Men.

This represents only some of the jewelry on sale...
Remember to log onto to see all of the bling on sale until midnight on the 5th! Happy shopping....

May the Bling be with You.

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