Friday, June 03, 2011

A Feature!

Life has been busy here in Dawn's studio.
Mommy Bling has been a huge hit and I've been creating like crazy.
I haven't been putting photos up as most of the orders have been for gifts
and no one wants their surprise ruined! : )

I want to thank Juanita at Nina Designs for doing a feature on my work -
It was an amazing experience to write about what I do and to share my studio!
Thank you so much.
I would also like to acknowledge that the photo of me
& the photo of my hands working on a watch
were the work of my good friend & very talented photographer, Ardell McLennan,

Back to Nina Designs. They make beautiful findings.
The one I use the most often is their sterling chain
seen in these Double Mommy Bling Necklace photos:

(This necklace is flying its way to California for a client as I type! Enjoy, Kelly!)

I would like to point out that I don't use "finished chains", nor "stamping blanks" as they advertise in the article. I use chain-by-the-foot & finish the chain I use off myself
with a semi-precious gemstone end and a clasp on the other side.
I do not use pre-made stamping blanks. I create my own pendants out of silver clay.

I'd imagine that Nina Designs changed these details in order to protect customers from knowing the costs of the supplies I actually use, but I'm ok with you all knowing that.
That helps you to realize why my designs are priced the way they are.
(Some designers don't like those details being shared.)

Nina Designs also want to sell their products, and fair enough. They make great products!

Now I need to get back to work.
The Arts Without Borders Art Market is coming up on June 11th at the Atrium Centre in Lloydminster! I'm very excited for a couple of reasons. This year, Yvonne & I will be outside the Atrium Centre in my brand new Caravan Canopy Tent from Impact Canopies. I'm very excited to try it out. Secondly, I'm excited to share all the latest creations with you all! Please come out to check out the latest bling...


Happiness creates sunshine wherever you go.

Always face the sunshine, and the shadows will fall behind.

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