Sunday, October 31, 2010

Exciting November!!

November will be jam-packed with excitement here at Sunshine INdustries.

First of all, the website security has been beefed up and it is live!
The re-design and security was done by Seth Etter.

I love it.

Second of all, our promo photos from Ardell McLennan Photography arrived.
They are amazing.
Models Amanda Hanson and Jennifer Lyons did a fantastic job.
They are two b-ee-u-ti-ful women.
Ardell's touch and the location of Ernie's Coffee Shop both made the photos spectacular.

Look for some to hit the website soon. Seth
is a busy man.

Thirdly, look for the opening of Harvest to Home.
This store is such a great addition to our community. There have their own bakeshop and an entertainment kitchen for cooking classes or as a rental space for special occassions WITH a chef if you want!
How cool is that?
They will be carrying locally made food - including flour ground
right there in front of your eyes from local crops.
Everything in their store will be Canadian and local-within-a-day.
Every tried the 100 mile diet? Well, it just became more possible.

They will also have some local art, kitchen items and... drumroll... a special exclusive line of Sunshine INdustries jewelry.

Lastly - the Christmas Craft Show is coming up on November 19th, 20th and 21st.

Hope to see you at the Craft Fair!

That's a lot to look forward to in one month.
May the Bling be with You...

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