Sunday, March 14, 2010

Newest Bling - Personalized Jewelry

What has happened in the Sunshine INdustries studio lately? Well, for awhile, nothing. We have been renovating our kitchen, and anyone who has been through that knows that it can be all-consuming. However, I have been creating between making all those tile and colour decisions. I haven't been sharing much on here because most of the creating has been for special orders. Many were for gifts and I couldn't share for fear of ruining the surprise. Most have been given now, so here they are!

These two watches were for Rhonda, who had a gift certificate from Christmas. I'm particularly proud of the all sterling one. Rhonda picked out the watch face and the one large sterling bead opposite the watch face, which happened to be a three-hole bead. The three strands give it an antique and modern look all at the same time!

Mommy Bling necklaces have been HUGE! I have had several orders for them lately... This one, ordered by a husband as a surprise for his wife, is accented with a citrine, the birthstone for November.

It occurred to me as I was working this that this two-name style would work nicely for bridal jewelry or a Valentine's gift as well...

Kathleen from Toronto wanted a pendant with both her children's names on it rather than two pendants. I wasn't sure they'd both fit at first, but it worked out well. It's accented with a rough sapphire and a moonstone - birthstones for September and June.

Shelly ordered these next two as gifts for her nieces - Birthday Bling! Abbey's birthstone (for March) is aquamarine.

Cady's birthstone is peridot for August.

This beautiful tag bracelet was ordered by Marvin for his wife. It was my first bracelet with more than one tag in it. It has their two daughter's names and their grandchildren's names as well. Swarovski crystals were used for their birthstones between the names. I added a fine silver heart on the end to finish off the design.

Holly ordered this Double Mommy Bling Necklace. The birthstones are a ruby for July and a tourmaline for October.
The dime gives you an idea of size.

Necklaces and bracelets tend to turn on our bodies, so I make sure to add an interesting texture to the back of all my pendants and bracelet tags. This is the back of Holly's necklace.

A colleague of mine recently had a baby girl. I think this is the most letters I've ever put into a Baby Bling Bracelet - what a beautiful name!

Baby Bling Bracelets are a keepsake for a baby book or to frame with a photo. They aren't meant for baby to wear. (Beads could be swallowed too easily!)

This Baby Bling Bracelet was ordered by Mary-Ellen. This is a more typical size. Each bracelet is created with resin letters, metallic glass beads, sterling silver hearts, Swarovski crystal birthstones and a pewter flower. They may be ordered with a dragonfly instead of a flower and I have added some blue glass beads for boys.

Special order personalized jewelry makes a thoughtful gift, sure to be cherished. These are only some of the personalized jewelry options available to you from Sunshine INdustries. Have a look at under "Mommy/Baby Bling" for more ideas or contact Dawn at with your idea. If it's possible, I'll do it!

May the Bling be with you...

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