Thursday, February 25, 2010

Looking for INspiration? Use the Muse!

Need INspiration? The Use the Muse contest put on by is quite an interesting contest... and it IS inspiring! Interested artisans/jewelers enter by purchasing a kit called "The Muse" from The Beaders Muse site. You are shown what is in the kit, except for the actual MUSE. No one is shown the Muse until it arrives in your kit. It is top secret until the winner of the contest is announced. We are not allowed to show our designs on facebook or any other social sites, nor are we allowed to talk about the Muse on blogs, chats or the like. What intrigue! What fun! The best part is the big reveal. When Scarlett Lanson announces the winners, we get to see ALL the different ways beaders from all over the world used the Muse. And believe me, there was no shortage of creative ideas. Inspiring.

The last Muse was the gorgeous copper butterfly seen above in my Use the Muse entry for the last round. I learned a lot by entering this contest the last time. I certainly did not think enough out of the box to even come close to winning. None-the-less, I love the necklace and it has caused major excitement for the next round. Now I'm just waiting impatiently to see the package in the mail with the newest Muse...

May the Bling be With You...

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