Saturday, February 20, 2010

Am I creating?

Am I creating? You bet! Here is a photo of all the items I've recently created just out of the liver of sulphur... After this step, they get polished and put into pieces of jewelry.

I know some of you must be wondering - where is all Dawn's new work? Isn't she doing anything?? Yes, I'm creating, but most of what I've been doing is personalized jewelry for special orders, so there hasn't been much new added to the website. No complaints here!

Keep the orders coming!
May the Bling be With You...

Who INspires You?

Who inspires you?

Let me introduce you to a group of designers who are a huge influence on my work. If you are looking for inspiring beads that will MAKE your designs, I highly recommend one of my favorite sites to peruse beads and findings - Nina Designs. Their work is amazing. One-of-a-kind. INspiring.

The silver pendant with dragonflies in this photo is from Nina Designs. They have entire series of all differently shaped and sized beads with patterns such as this on them. As well as beads & findings, you will find gorgeous jewelry ideas created by the talented designers at Nina's.

Just the other day, Sunshine INdustries got a "shout out" from Juanita at Nina Designs on their blog re: Twitter use. See the blog entry here -

Juanita, thank you for your kind words and I'd be happy to help out in any way I can in the future as well!

You can also check out Nina Design's website under "friends and affiliates" on

May the Bling be With You,

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