Sunday, September 20, 2009

Against My Better Judgement...

As many of my friends know, I am an ocean fanatic and scuba diver. The ocean is where I feel most at peace, especially if I'm under it... being near or in it is almost a religious experience for me. Having taken a short course in marine life in Australia, I know that coral is suffering right now from man's impact and that in turn affects most other marine life.

Therefore, I SHOULD NOT be buying and creating in coral. However, early on in my jewelry creating career, I came upon this fire sponge coral and could not resist its beauty. I have felt so guilt ridden about it that I stopped using it for about two years. It's been sitting in my bead collection calling out to me whenever I open that particular container... Two friends admired a piece I made for myself a LONG time ago at a party and requested that I make them a similar set out of it. I finally did. I already have it, after all, so I might as well use it. I promise myself & the ocean that once I am out of this cache of coral beads that I bought early on, I will only buy man-made from now on. * Guilt * (Maybe it was found on a beach?! You know, like road kill? * Sad effort to justify... * ) So you, loyal buyers, look for a few more very special pieces to come out in the next while in red and blue sponge coral. Once I've used it up, that's it!!

The two sets pictured above have slightly different sterling bead caps and different arrangements of leather. The wirework on each pendant is hand formed and pounded sterling wire. The ear wires are handcrafted from sterling wire. Unfortunately, these two sets are spoken for. Keep posted for some pieces that will be available soon!

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