Sunday, September 12, 2010

Re-inventing Vintage

My aunt sent me a vintage necklace that she never wore (but cherished) to be re-invented in a more modern, wearable way. I forgot to take a photo of it "before", but it was a lot like this one...
except with these beads:

Not a real challenge for me since I LOVE these colours!
(Plus I really love my Aunt. I spent a lot of summer evenings shelling peas on her deck at the farm. Great memories.) I actually have many of the same tastes as my Aunt does. We are both fond of antiques... or antique-looking. So... I was after a vintage look that would be less boring, basically.

I went on a search of my studio for components that would go with what she gave me. Here are the extras I added to the mix:

I also considered these:

LOVE the flower idea, but for some reason, they just didn't jive. Perhaps they'll become pins instead.

So here is what I came up with.

I fooled around with the chains and balancing the right amount of glass beads with the brass for quite awhile.

The butterfly was the first component I picked. It just was right.

It needed some modifications, as there was no way 5 strands would look good with this size of glass bead. Three hooks were removed and some grinding/sanding was necessary so that you would never know they had been there.

Next, the washer. It all began with a very plain brass washer. With a little stamping, (on both sides), it became more spectacular. Now it belonged with the butterfly.

Oh - and 2 more holes were added to hang the strands from.

Having several of the original beads left, I realized that this beauty needed some accessories.

The bracelet was actually what I had put together for the top strand of the necklace, but it proved to be too heavy. So... a bracelet it became! It was fate...

At the very last minute, after having taken ALL of my photos and starting my blog, I saw that there was one lonely green glass bead left over. What to do... what to do...

Much better!

I hope she likes it...

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~Louisa May Alcott

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