Thursday, June 10, 2010

WATCH OUT! She's at it again...

If you know me or have read my bio on the website, you know that Sunshine INdustries got its start when I made a beaded watch. I couldn't stop. I started to make necklaces and earrings and bracelets. I made anklets. I made more watches. My bead buying began to take the place of my shoe/clothes buying. I knew right then that this "hobby" wouldn't go away quietly. Nearly 4 years later, I'm still creating. Many people still consider my watches to be my best product.

I haven't been creating them for awhile. Guess we all need a break from time to time.

While taking a break from them, I seem to have gathered a nice stash of lampwork and glass beads perfect for some really unique pieces. I opened the lampwork bin for a peak about two weeks ago and inspiration spilled out!!

I've been concentrating on metal clay a bit more lately, forgetting how much fun it is to string together COLOUR and TEXTURE... With the Art Market coming up this Saturday, I decided to create just a few watches. After all, people seem to like them.

It turns out that I do, too! Ask my husband. I've been up late, trying to keep up with the flow of inspiration that seems to be
calling me from the lampwork bead bin...

I'm almost out of watch faces and still, the pull is there! I don't think that the watch obsession is ready to let me go just yet.

Part of the reason that so much inspiration has come from my glass bead bin is that I have found some seriously talented lampwork artists.

Pam Dansie of Wild Sage Lampwork creates a great variety of gorgeous beads. My favorites from Pam are her lentil shaped beads - see the ivory and turquoise coloured square bead in this watch as an example.

Elly Peters of Elly Lou Creations has become a favorite both for her personality and her beads! She's Canadian - always a plus. Look for her specialty bead - the winged goddesses. They don't work well for watches, but they are so cute! Elly created the "Evil Eye" beads and the focal bead in this watch.

Yvonne Kurpjuweit, who is my selling partner at the Art Market, a fellow Middle Years teacher and most importantly, a friend, is my favorite source of lampwork beads. I hate to bother her for any as she creates her own jewelry line, but I have been lucky enough to purchase a few from her. They tend to be bright colours with beautiful light coming from them. You can see her beads and jewelry at

Early on, I was inspired by Yvonne's work to actually try to learn lampworking. I took a short course in Invermere. I learned that I am nowhere near patient enough for that! I much prefer to pound and melt metal... However, while in Invermere, I met a very talented bead artistan at Bliss Beads. Sandra takes the art to a new level. These stunning pink swirl beads and the focal bead are from Bliss.

Of course, some of my beads come from retail stores like WalMart or Michaels. I mix these amongst sterling, gemstones, shell, artisan beads - whatever looks good together. I let the inspiration and the art guide me in choosing components for each watch. I try to create watches of all price points so that everyone can enjoy a one-of-a-kind artisan watch.

Come out and see these watches in person and say hi to Yvonne & I at the Streetscapes Art Market:
Saturday, June 12th
Atrium Centre
10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

May the Bling be with You!

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