Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Easter!

Ocean Breeze Necklace

Easter.  I always loved Easter.  Mom and Dad always gave me a beautiful basket in spring colours, filled with fun things.  I looked most forward to the inevitable chocolate bunny and new bright coloured skipping rope...  There are many happy memories of going outside to skip happily in the warmish spring weather.

This necklace is no skipping rope, but it might make the heart skip a beat...  

Inspired by the ocean, this one has a lot of love in it - the chain of turquoise and green peruvian opals took many hours to string.  The clasp is sterling silver.  The main pendant stone is stabilized turquoise.  The chain is 18" long, but it seems longer with the front clasp and the two-and-a-half inch pendant hanging from it.  If you like your accessories to match, there is also a bracelet to go with it...

Enjoy your long weekend, and for all of the other teachers/students out there, enjoy your week off!

May the Bling Be with You!

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