Sunday, January 03, 2010

Restoration, Reformation, Reconstruction

2010 has begun with some repairs, restoration and reconstruction.

restoration, fixing

adjustment, darn, improvement, mend, new part, overhaul, patch, reconstruction, reformation, rehabilitation, replacement, substitution


This watch was purchased by a friend of mine. She loves it, and has worn it often. It was lucky that she did, as it had a construction flaw that I might not otherwise have known about. I'm grateful that she brought it back to Sunshine INdustries for repair. It's vitally important to me that my customers are happy and that their purchases are lasting. After all, I've come to realize that I do this more to see the happiness on others' faces than I do for money. (Just ask my banker husband and my financial statement...)

The flaw was a result of a new watch face I'd found. I loved it because of it's modern look. This is the back of the same kind of watch face. The nylon-covered wire that I used in the original design wore quite quickly against the holes. This attachment system is not the regular one used on other watch faces. How could I attach a bracelet without having the wire touch the sharp holes?

The fix involved using 22 gauge sterling wire wraps against the sharp holes (which I sanded down a bit in hopes of less wear & tear). I added some sterling beads to accent the design. I won't be using this style of watch face again without using sterling wire wraps in the holes! I may also let my friend wear this one for awhile before trying this type of watch face again.

Yes, Sunshine INdustries will repair jewelry made by others...

The second repair/reconstruction of 2010 involved a bracelet that I did not make. I wish I had - it's cool!
The owner found that the charms were starting to fall
off. After examining the bracelet, it was no wonder!

These are the old o-rings/jump rings used to attach the charms. (In the photo below). The larger bright silver one in the photo is the kind that I replaced them all with.

The original jump rings were not thick enough to last long. I pounded the new jump rings with a vintage hammer to give them strength and texture to match the look of the original bracelet. I also used two sets of pliers to gently rock each jump ring back and forth a few times in order to add strength before closing them.

This handy youtube video from demonstrates the correct way to open and close a jumpring:

Hearing the "click" when the two ends meet is very important.

Here is the bracelet with the
new jump rings in place.

So far, I've only worked on repairs "this year",
but new creations are boiling in the brain - fear not!

May the bling be with you...

Sunshine INdustries

Happiness creates sunshine wherever you go.

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