Sunday, July 26, 2009

July - What a great month!!

July is a great month - I was born in July and married in July! To celebrate, I had a new website designed for Sunshine INdustries by webmaster extraordinaire - Seth Etter. (I highly recommend his work to those in need of a website!) I also employed a new newsletter/email program called MailChimp. It is very cool! What does this mean to you - Faithful Customer? It means that you can receive full colour HTML newsletters with photos. If you would like to know about new bling before it goes onto the website to have the inside track, please go to and sign up to receive the newsletter under "Important Links". This will ensure that you don't miss a thing! To those who have previously asked me to add you onto my email list, unfortunately you have to sign up as well. This new program uses strict privacy laws, so they insist that subscriptions come directly from you! Just another feature I love about MailChimp. See you on the subscription list!

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